An Introduction to Indarrismo

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An Introduction to Indarrismo

Post by Admin: Zahareta on Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:15 pm

Indarrismo is a movement based on following the traditions and venerating the people of Ancient Iberia (Spain, Portugal, and Andorra). The word Indarrismo comes from the Basque word Indarra meaning “strong”. The word is Basque, because the Basque language is the earliest language of Iberia, and represents the difference between Iberians and other former Roman colonies.
In the simplest form, Indarrismo is type Spanish/Portuguese Nationalism that can be outside Spain. Indarrists do not have to be Spaniards. Latin Americans of Iberian descent can also be Indarrists.

In the USA Indarrismo takes the form of Hispanic Nationalism. Unlike other Hispanic Nationalist organizations in the USA, Indarrismo is overtly Right-Wing and Eurocentric. Castizo, Harnizo, and Mestizo Indarrists are not ashamed of their Indigenous Heritage, but instead embrace it as part of who they are while recognizing that they are still Iberian first and foremost. Morisco Indarrists are not ashamed of their black heritage, but like the Castizos and Harnizos are aware of their Iberian origin and place that before all others.
While Indarrismo is a Right-Wing movement on paper, we are always open to debate and discussion on how we should go about building our nation.

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